Sweetly Creepy Art and Comics, by Dragon Messmer

Skullyflower 4, Page 1


Comics At Last!

Yes, I know, some of you have seen this page already, but I needed to start fresh. For those who haven't seen this page before, just know what SkullyFlower has been avoiding Frank for 8 years straight, and Hydra is sick of it.

Now that the comic is mostly inked and somewhat cleaned up and ready for posting. I'll be posting installments on Mondays and Thursdays. If you click the image, it'll take you to my site where you can read it, panel by panel. (give it a minute, it's slow loading)

As soon as the last of this story is cleaned up (my sloppiness seems endless) and I get a cover image together, I'll start production on the actual book and put in my shop (and any other shops that will take it!) So keep an eye out!